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  • The Florida Nomad

  • Nomadder where you go...There you are...
  • The Florida Nomad

  • Nomadder where you go...There you are...
  • The Florida Nomad

  • Nomadder where you go...There you are...
  • The Florida Nomad

  • Nomadder where you go...There you are...

The Florida Nomad

Florida Grown

The Florida Nomad

Nomadder where you go...There you are...

The Florida Nomad

Nomadder where you go...There you are...

The Florida Nomad

Nomadder where you go...There you are...

The Florida Nomad

Nomadder where you go...There you are...

Who we are



Erik Ostertag grew up in the Twin Cities, Minnesota enamored with the world around him. His childhood was spent outdoors looking for snakes,frogs, and turtles. He would even occasionally flood his mother’s flower garden looking for them. More than anything though, he was fascinated with marine life: sharks, rays, whales, and every sized critter in-between. He spent hours going through Zoobooks, and enjoyed drawing the animals he saw in the magazines.As he grew older, he volunteered at the local zoo, and returned for internships during his college years. All the while he continued to practicedrawing, sketching, and coloring his favorite animals. In college, Erik focused on biology, taking courses that would help him learn all he couldabout animals. But he didn’t stop drawing, earning a minor in studio art.After college graduation, Erik moved to Florida so he could start his career working with all his favorite marine creatures. He has spent the last 10 years working for various aquariums and aquaculture facilities. He has cared for a multitude of sharks, rays, fish, inverts, and coral reefsystems. He was even on the ground crew opening the largest inland North American coral rescue facility for endangered corals.One of his favorite animals Erik had the privilege of caring for was the Floridian native, the Smalltooth sawfish. They are large critically endangered rays with a toothy, blade protruding from their noses. Erik is still in awe every time he gets into the water with them.

Alyssa Baruch: Hogfish

Some may know her as the Fish
Printsess, because upcoming artist Alyssa Baruch hand paints original artwork and offers Museum Quality Fish Prints, at an affordable price!

Alyssa has been painting fish since she was 8 years old and is a lover of the ocean and marine life. She has a passion for fishing and free diving, which is why Alyssa dedicates her time to ocean conservation.

She is a member of the UCF Bass Fishing Team and the UCF Beach Club Volleyball team.

Alyssa enjoys hosting local beach cleanups with organizations like the UCF Surf Club. She is also a member and sponsor of the UCF Fishing Club; Reel Knights and offers members a discount code for all artworks.

She has her photographic memory to thank for her
success in school, and the ability to paint fish from the memory of seeing them in real life.

Her life goal would be to help minimize the Great Pacific
Garbage Patch, by raising awareness through her oceanic artwork.

Click THE FISH PRINTSESS link below to see more of Alyssa's work, and purchase your favorite paintings!

The Fish Printsess

PRIVATE CLIENT / custom jobs

Team Momo - Paralympic swimmer

The Florida Nomad made shirts for Paralympic swimmer, Momo Sutton.

Momo was  born in China. She was missing her right forearm due to amniotic band syndrome.
Adopted by her American Parents she moved to the USA at 3 1/2 years old. She started swimming immediately to strengthen her right side of her body. She loved the water and began competitive swimming at age 8. She recently competed in her first international Paralympic meet. Her goal is to make the Paralympic team!
#teammomo #gomomogo 

Team Momo

RAWW Mobile Detail

Raww Mobile Llc
Local Florida business

Independent, Quality, Fast, and Reliable mobile detailing in the Tampa Bay area

Follow RAWW Mobile on Instagram

FWC Catch a Florida Memory Program

We have now partnered with FWC and their Catch A Florida Memory program for 2022. We are super excited to have the opportunity to help get the message out about fishing conservation.

Catch a Florida Memory Get excited, people! Starting next month, we will be adding to our raffle prize lineup with the addition of these thrilling new items from Catch a Florida Memory partner, The Florida Nomad. Program participants automatically receive one raffle entry for each milestone achievement made to the program. No additional action is required for those anglers interested in entering the raffle. There’s still several weeks remaining to get out on the water for a chance to win these amazing raffle prizes! Make your Florida memory today: https://catchafloridamemory.com/#CatchAFloridaMemory#Florida#Fishng#Raffle#Prize

Join Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation

North Atlantic Right Whale festival

We were invited to the Right Whale festival in Jacksonville Florida to help spread the word on how critically close they are to extinction. We made a custom shirt for the festival. #RightWhaleConservation

@whales_org @uswhalesorg

Stay Connected

Marine Resource Council

We had the privilege to be able to take on MRC shirt project.

MRC’s volunteer North Atlantic Right Whale Program spotters report right whale sightings to track the whales’ movement and behavior patterns.

The endangered North Atlantic Right Whale utilizes the Atlantic Coast off Georgia and Florida as calving grounds. Volunteer spotters, living in high-rise beachside condos, report right whale sightings to track the whales’ movement and behavior patterns along the Atlantic Coast in an effort to determine migration characteristics of these highly endangered marine mammals.

Report Sightings Toll-Free to
1-888-97-WHALE (1-888-979-4253)

Marine Resource Council

Brushes & Bouquet

We had some making some fun making custom fishing shirts.

Brushes & Bouquet

Metal Latitude Designs · Home decor

We met Jill at the Coquina Beach Market in Anna Maria, FL and instantly fell in love with her hand-made metal home decor. We just HAD to make her a shirt! She loves it. Thanks for the shout out on FB!

Metal Latitude Designs

Sea Shur Jewelry

Congratulations to David Sea Shur Jewelry & welcome aboard. I know that I have mentioned David and his passion for Florida's natural resources and it shows in his artistry. We are very excited to have you aboard. So don't forget to sign up Catch a Florida Memory for your chance to win and amazing piece of art. #catchafloridamemoryCatch a Florida Memory

Sea Shur Jewlery
Partnered with Tampa Bay Watch

Tampa Bay Watch

We partnered with Tampa Bay Watch for the Scallop count in Tampa Bay. We supplied all of the shirts and even some koosies for over 200 volunteers and staff.


Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center

We have partnered with Navarre Beach Sea turtle Conservation center. They now have some more great items added to thier gift shop to help support the cause.


Capt. Katie 941•348•8162 With Capt. Kathe 941•812•3241 & 1st Mate Pup Pup Charters

We are so happy to have been able to help out Captain Katie with her UPF shirts.

They have been nationaly recognized as one of the best boat tours in the area. Check them out!!


Florida Apparel with a message

"Welcome To Florida Native Country"

We Love the shirts and they are so comfortable!!

Orlando FL

Cody Morrison

We cant say enough how much we love the shirts. Keep up the great work!

Pensacola FL

Ann Marie Telhiard

We love the shirts and they feel so soft. Thank you


Ann Marie Burnett